Past Conferences

2020: Foresight

Rethinking Systems

Winning 2020: Policy and Politics

Drew Altman, Kaiser Family Foundation


Dismantling America’s Addiction Complex

Anna Lembke, Stanford University

Daniela Luzi Tudo, WEconnect Health Management

Danielle Scholosser, Verily Life Sciences

David Smith, Third Horizon Strategies


Achieving Value-Based Care: What Will It Take?

Oron Afek, Vim

Stacey Hrountas, Sharp Rees-Stealy

Dave Nellesen, Analysis Group

Jeff Rideout, Integrated Healthcare Association


Equitable Design

Advancing Equity in Digital Health

Lauren Dugard Thomas, Blue Shield of California

Melissa Lim, Somnology Inc.

Courtney Lyles, SOLV Health Tech

Michael Penn, Health Equity Ventures


Housing and Health: Solving California’s Crisis

Gary Cohen, Blue Shield of California

Annie Donovan, LISC

Reetu Gupta, Unite Us

Cynthia Nagendra, UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative

Kip Webb, UC Berkeley


Big Data: Hope or Hype?

Ricky Choi, Samsung Electronics

Usha Periyanayagam, Komodo Health

Claudia Williams, Manifest MedEX


Delivery in Context

Framing the Future of Health

Daniel Kraft, Exponential Medicine


Let’s Get Personal: Individualized Medicine

Igor Belokrinitsky, PwC Strategy

Jennifer Cozzone, Genentech

Agustin Lopz Marquez, Nference

Courtney McCormick, Illumina

Akeel Williams, Gilead Sciences


Designing the Future of Care Delivery

Conor Farese, IDEO

Delphine Huang, IDEO

Krishna Ramachandran, IDEO


Health Systems: A Digital Revolution

Kim MacPherson, UC Berkeley

Prat Vemana, Kaiser Permanente



2019: Breaking Down Silos

Keynote Speakers

Karl Handelsman, Investment Director, Roche Ventures

Heather Mirjahangir Fernandez, CEO, Co-Founder, Solv Health

Fireside Chat

Lee Lehman-Becker, Roche-Genentech Partnering - "Digital Innovation in Big Pharma"

Monica Martin de Bustamante, CBPartners - "Value Based Pricing in Pharma"


Reaching Across Populations to Provide Culturally Competent Care

Bringing Ideal Consumer Experiences to Healthcare

Cracking Development Silos Between Clinical Trials and Real World Evidence

Social Determinants of Health Technology for Population Health

Medicaid For More: How Medicaid Expansion is Changing Healthcare in America

2018: Innovation at Scale

Keynote Speakers

Jason Girzadas, Global Consulting Leader, Deloitte Consulting - "Curing Healthcare through Innovation"

Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD, Director, Center for Clinical Informatics & Improvement Research, UCSF - "Liberating Health Data: Can Competitive Instincts be Overcome?"

Chris Waugh, Chief Design and Innovation Officer, Sutter Health - "500 Days in Healthcare Innovation"

Fireside Chat

Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, One Medical - "Developing Sustainable, Scalable, Primary Care Models"


Scaling Precision Medicine

Tackling the Social Determinants of Health

New Sites of Care

Sustaining Innovations in Global Health

From Pilot to Population

Consumerization 2.0


2017: Building Bridges


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Sara Kennedy, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, Northern California

Gilda Gonzalez, Interim CEO of Planned Parenthood, Northern California

Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair at Singularity University and Founder & Chair of Exponential Medicine


Mind the Gap: Addressing Health Disparities Through Cross-Sector Partnership

Partnering Along the Pipeline: Development to Delivery in Global Health

Defining Value: Cross-Sector Approaches to Optimizing Quality, Cost, and Patient Outcomes

A New Model for Mental Health? Using Public/Private Partnerships to Enhance Care Quality

Fireside Chat with Illumina Accelerator: Making the Inaccessible, Accessible by Unlocking the Power of the Genome

Shaping Behavior by Design: What Does 'Patient-Centered' Really Mean?


2015: Inspire Technology. Advance Healthcare. Improve the World.


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Bob Watcher, Professor and Interim Chair of Medicine, UCSF & Author

Dennis Boyle, Partner & Founding Member of IDEO

Jennie Chin Hansen, Strategic Advisor & Former CEO of American Geriatrics Society


Digital Health Startup Growing Pains: The Dual Pursuit of ROI & Evidence

A Better Future for Health & Healthcare through Interoperability

Closing the Gap: Models for International Collaboration in Healthcare Product Development

The Constant Policy Struggle: The Innovation, Regulation and Access Balancing Act for Healthcare Technologies

Can Tech Solve Global Health Challenges? The role of Digital Solutions in Reaching the World's Most Vulnerable Populations

Data Science in Health: Lessons from the Field

Aging Gracefully: Strategies for Widespread Technology Adoption in the Elder Care Market


2014: Exploring New Frontiers

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Robert Pearl, Executive Director and CEO, the Permanente Medical Group

Matthew Douglass, Founder and VP of Platform, Practice Fusion

Lance Scott, Division Vice President, Global Market Development, Abbott Vascular



Transforming Prevention Through Technology

Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems in Healthcare

Reverse Innovation – What the U.S. can Learn from Global Healthcare Solutions

Finding, Funding and Delivering the Therapies of Tomorrow

Check-up: Exploring Obamacare’s Winners and Losers

Managing a Revolution: Changing the Culture of Care Delivery

Hands-on Expo: Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare

2013: Embracing Consumer Choice


Keynote Speakers

G. Steven Burrill – CEO, Burrill & Company

Ken Shachmut – Executive Vice President & CFO, Safeway Health Inc.; Senior Vice President, Safeway Inc



FastTalks: The Future of Personalized Healthcare

Innovative Solutions in Global Health

Blue Shield of California Case Competition

Product Demos: Patient & Provider Decision Tools

Workshop: Designing for a Healthcare Consumer

Start-ups and VCs Banking on Consumer Choice

Prevention in Every Dimension


Conference Recaps

Rock Health


2012: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Health Care Challenges

Keynote Speakers

Mike Buck - President, Abbott Ventures, Inc.

Daniel Kraft, M.D. - Executive Director, FutureMed; Founder & CEO, IntelliMedicine



Paying for Value

Health & Wellness - Mobile and Web-Based Technology

Venture Capital - Positioning Health Care Startups for Success

Managing Chronic Diseases

Nurturing Life Science Innovation in Tumultous Times

Fast Talks - Social Innovations in Global Health Care


Conference Recaps


2011: Innovation in Healthcare: Perspectives on Access, Delivery and Development

Keynote Speakers

Kimberley Belshé – Former Secretary, Health and Human Services Agency

Kent Lieginger, Pharm D – Senior Vice President, Managed Care and Customer Operations, Genentech

John D. Evans, PhD, MBA – Corporate Vice President, Business Innovation, Lockheed Martin

Scott Stropkay – Founder, Essential Design

Bryce Williams – Director, Wellvolution, Blue Shield of California



Overcoming Barriers to Medical Device Innovation

Realizing the Potential of Genetic Testing

Understanding and Navigating the Health Information Exchange

Opportunities and Challenges of the mHealth Revolution

Technology’s Role in Improving Rural Health Access

Accountable Care Organizations: Doing More With Less

2010: Healthcare's Changing Landscape

Keynote Speakers

Lloyd H. Dean – President and CEO, Catholic Healthcare West

David Brailer – Chairman, Health Evolution Partners

Peter Maag – Global Head, Diagnostics, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Barbara Fantuso – Director of Healthcare Innovation, frog design

Jason Hwang, MD – Co-founder and Executive Director, Innosight Institute

Julie Cheng, Esq. – General Counsel and Vice President of Business Development, Institute for OneWorld Health



Healthcare Innovations (Realizing CER’s Potential in the United States: Promoting Value while Encouraging Innovation)

Global Health (Sustainability and Effectiveness of Approaches to Global Health)

Consumer Health (The Promise of User-Focused Design for Healthcare)

International Healthcare (Lessons from Abroad)

Biotechnology (Strategies for Survival and Pipeline Development in the Changing Healthcare Landscape)

Healthcare IT (Empowering Patients to Make Better Health Decisions through Effective Information Sharing)

2009: The Impact of Integration

Keynote Speakers

Leonard Schaeffer – Founder and Former CEO, Wellpoint

Paul Keckley – Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Marc Owen – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, McKesson



Health Reform (Health Reform in the Obama Administration)

Chronic Disease (The Global Epidemic of Chronic Disease)

Healthcare Access (Strategies for Global Access)

Data in Healthcare (The Role of Data in Health Care)

Healthcare Delivery (Innovation in Health Care Delivery)

Future Trends (The Long-Term Future of Health Care)

2008: Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

Keynote Speakers

John Capek – EVP of Medical Products for Abbott Laboratories

Jay Keasling – Professor of Chemical Engineering & Co-Founder, Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc.



Biotechnology (The Future of Biosimilars)

Health Care Policy (2008 Presidential Election & Universal Coverage)

Global Health (Innovative Approaches for Improving Health in Developing Countries)

Medical Devices (Medical Devices in a Global Marketplace: Viewpoints from Start-ups, VCs, and the Fortune 500)

Payor/Provider (Coordination and Disease Management)

Health Care IT (The Future of Personal Health Information Technologies)

2007:  Innovation, Integration, and Impact

Keynote Speakers

Kevin Young- EVP of Commercial Operations, Gilead Sciences

Mary Ann Thode- President, Kaiser Northern California Region

Dr. J Carl Craft- Chief Scientific Officer, Medicines for Malaria Venture



Biotechnology (The Scalability of Innovation)

Corporate Social Responsibility (Defining Social Responsibility in Health Care)

Health Care IT (Innovations for Consumer-Directed Healthcare)

Health Care Policy (Universal Health Care: A New Business Paradigm?)

International Health (Solving Roadblocks to Access in the Developing World)

Payor/Provider Panel (Defining Health Care Quality)

Medical Devices (Pricing and Reimbursement)

Venture Capital (The Pitch Experience)