Panel Sessions

The Haas Healthcare Conference brings together top business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to discuss the most pressing healthcare issues. This year, we look forward to discussing the new ways of breaking down current silos and barriers through exciting collaborations and crucial partnerships.

10:00am Morning Panels

Reaching Across Populations to Provide Culturally Competent Care

The Business Case for Cultural Competence:

Health care companies are increasingly focused on frameworks to address health equity and social determinants. Among these is cultural competence: an approach that honors the cultural preferences and socioeconomic influences that shape patient choices, behaviors, and outcomes.


Join us for a discussion about how stakeholders can collaborate to create the financial case for achieving health equity through culturally competent care.

Sarah Scholle

VP of Research & Analysis

National Committee for Quality Assurance


Winston Wong

Medical Director

Kaiser Permanente

Susan Philip

Senior Healthcare Management Consultant


Board member

San Francisco Community Health Center

Julie Tinker

Senior Designer


Bringing Ideal Consumer Experiences to Healthcare


Healthcare has transformed into a consumer experience where companies need to overcome the challenges of providing quality service and addressing patient barriers.


Join us to hear the best practices of building sustainable business models with a patient-friendly, highest-needs population focus.

Igor Belokrinitksy

Vice President and Partner

Strategy&, PwC


Dan Trigub

Head of Business Development

Uber Health

Brad Kittredge



Lauren Devos

Head of Strategic Initiatives, Product Manager

Solv Health

Eyal Gurion

Senior Vice President

Integrated Healthcare Association

1:00pm Early Afternoon Panels

Cracking Development Silos Between Clinical Trials and Real World Evidence

Exogenous factors such as genomics, behavior, and social and environmental influences play a critical role in delivering outcomes and value for patients and health systems. Meanwhile, technology is finally allowing the capture and analysis of such real-world data.


Beyond previous safety and post-market use cases, learn about more integrated use of RWE across the end-to-end product cycle: to support regulatory decisions, advance disease understanding and clinical guidelines, and support outcome based reimbursement decisions.

Martin Smith

Vice President


Panelist / Moderator

Dan Burnett



Marco Sorani

Associate Director, Product Development - Personalized Healthcare


Social Determinants of Health Technology for Population Health

Despite the trend toward value-based care and wraparound services that address patient needs holistically, the market for technology solutions incorporating the social determinants of health is nascent: as of June 2018, fewer than 4% of health systems and managed care organizations have invested in this technology. This panel will include perspectives on opportunities and challenges in this relatively new market.

Sheila Baxter

Senior Director of Business Development



Andrea Bloom

Founder & CEO


Abhinav Shashank

Co-Founder & CEO


Matt Holman


Camber Collective

Kelly Ling

Director of Enterprise Initiatives

Change Healthcare

3:00pm Late Afternoon Panels

Medicaid For More: How Medicaid Expansion is Changing Healthcare in America

Medicaid is quickly becoming the key to expanding health coverage in America. Newly-elected democratic governors across the country are growing Medicaid, including Governor Gavin Newsom who has proposed expanding Medicaid to cover more undocumented immigrants. What innovations are driving Medicaid's popularity and sustainability? What does the expansion of Medicaid in states like California mean for the country's larger healthcare debate? Why has Medicaid succeeded where the ACA has failed?


Join us as we discuss the current surge and future of Medicaid in the United States.

Robin Flagg

Lecturer, Health Policy & Management

UC Berkeley School of Public Health


Murray Ross

Vice President and Director

Institute for Health Policy, Kaiser Permanente

Gary Cohen

Vice President of Government Affairs

Blue Shield Of California

Sarah de Guia

Executive Director

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Jane García


La Clínica de La Raza

Naomi Newman


Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

*Speakers and moderators subject to change