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2018 Conference Team

Other Team Members


Logan Gallogly

KJ Chen

Molly Carter

Catherine Hsieh

Neha Dohal

Jamil Bashir

Alex Epps

Deitrich Davidheiser

Evan Corey


Hui Li

Liz Leitner

Jocelyn Brown

Zaidat Ibrahim

Brittany McLellan

Vir Choksi

Michael Sahm

Joanna Lyons

Francesca Tenconi


Natalie Bates

Sara Farsio

Cindi Wu

Anshal Gupta

Start-up Pitches

Matt Divack

Zachary Mar

Jack Wang

Mordechai Pavlovsky


Nina Nguyen

Zachary Mar

Dayoung Lee

Irina Titova

The conference is brought to you by the Haas Healthcare Association, a group that brings together UC Berkeley students of all backgrounds with a shared mission to build a more connected, inclusive, and impactful healthcare ecosystem. 


We represent schools and programs from across the UC Berkeley campus, including:

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