Announcing the Haas Healthcare Conference 2021
Finding New Breath: Emerging Stronger Through Health Crises
On behalf of HHA and our conference planning team, we are pleased to announce the theme of our 14th annual conference: Finding New Breath.  
Our association’s last conference (Foresight is 2020) fell on the eve of a ten-month period that brought tremendous uncertainty and upheaval for our daily life and the work of the US healthcare industry. It has become a cliché to describe 2020 as an “unprecedented” year, and among many other moments it has been marked by staggering rates of COVID-19 infection and mortality, historic protests demanding racial justice and fair treatment under the law, perceived tension between public health and economic goals, heroic efforts and ingenuity from our healthcare workers and emergency responders, and a blistering pace of scientific advancement and vaccine development that has challenged the capacity of our regulatory agencies. 
We could scarcely have dreamed last March of the momentous year we were about to experience, and we are charging this year’s conference - held virtually for the first time in our 14-year history - to look towards the future. We will bring together the best and brightest minds in our field to reflect on the trends and lessons of the past year with a focus on the efforts ahead, including these key areas of interest:
  • What have we learned from the healthcare and policy responses to COVID-19? 
  • What are the keys to our response in the months ahead, and how can we better prepare for the next pandemic?
  • How can we co-create a more just healthcare system, rooted in health equity, that works to meet the medical and social needs of a wide range of patients, communities, and health care providers?
  • How can our industry adapt to and plan for the impacts our changing climate will have on our health?
  • What new solutions can innovative healthcare players develop, and how can we responsibly apply these innovations to the most pressing challenges of our time?
Join us for a dynamic, insightful, and engaging virtual conference experience this February 22nd-24th, 2021, with multiple panels, keynotes, and events held over a series of days. For more details and to reserve your spot now, register here today.
To the hard work ahead, and to doing that work together.
Corrine Marquardt (‘21) and Ben Delikat (‘21)
HHA Conference Co-Chairs
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